Who? What?

AL TASTeiR אל תסתיר


Al Tasteir is Hebrew for ‘do not hide’ which seems like a suitably provocative title for a blog that explores issues of disclosure, privacy, identity and community online*.

This blog is produced as part of the UCL IOE ‘internet cultures‘ module which I am taking as part of my MA in Education and Technology. For more regular (and less themed) content, head over to twitter.


I’m a London based informal Jewish educator and soon to be Rabbinical student. When I’m not studying I work at a fast growing and innovative progressive synagogue in north west London. In my spare time I love running, hiking and box-set marathons. I also am programming co-chair for Limmud Conference 2015, which is somewhere between the Jewish world’s Edinburgh, Hay, Glastonbury and Burning Man festivals (yes, that is every bit a crazy mix as it sounds!). As I navigate the transition from normal 20-something to member of the clergy, big questions about what it means to be a person negotiating the balance between a personal and professional identity in the online age are at the forefront of my thinking, and I look forward to exploring them and other issues here!


*Inspired by Psalm 27:9 ‘don’t hide your face from me‘ (and this musical setting which was in my head at the time)

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